another year

It’s almost a year since my last post. Is blogging dead?


links for 2010-12-17

  • Earlier today, rumors began to spread that Yahoo might be shutting down Delicious. It’s bittersweet for us to see Delicious go. The service was a pioneer in the social bookmarking space, and many of us here have thousands of bookmarked pages dating back to the days.

    Evernote is actually a great Delicious alternative. Unlike Delicious, Evernote allows you to clip your favorite webpage–text, images and links–so that you can view them at your leisure, online or offline. No more worrying about 404 errors or changing pages. True, we don’t have the social features of Delicious, but if you want to save your favorite pages forever, Evernote is perfect.

links for 2009-07-02

  • Unix find is a pretty tricky but very useful utility that can often fool even experienced UNIX professionals with ten on more years of sysadmins work under the belt. It can enhance functionality of those Unix utilities that does not include tree traversal (BTW GNU grep has -r option for this purpose and can be used on its own to perform tree traversal task: grep -r "search string" /tmp.). There are several versions of find with the main two being POSIX find used in Solaris, AIX, etc and GNU find used in linux. GNU find can be installed on Solaris and AIX and it is actually a strong recommendation as there are some differences; moreover gnu find have additional capabilities that are often useful.