links for 2008-04-12

  • Here is a list of quick and dirty ideas for developing balance between your work life and your personal life. These aren’t in-depth answers or processes for developing balance. They are thinking points.
    (tags: lifehacks)
  • The Moraine Sailing Club (MSC) is a volunter club dedicated to promoting sailing and sailboat racing in Western Pennsylvania. The club is based at 3,225-acre Lake Arthur (located in Moraine State Park in Butler County, Western PA).
    (tags: sunfish)
  • Sunfish FAQ
    (tags: sunfish)
  • I bought everything at Home Depot for about $100. They will cut and thread galvanized pipe to order. Don’t use black pipe or it will rust quickly.
    (tags: sunfish)
  • Despite propaganda’s overwhelmingly influence in our current society I remain optimistic that, given enough time, the large scale dissemination of information will succeed, and the voice of the common people will prevail. Now it’s time to get back to
    (tags: politics essay)

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