links for 2008-03-06

  • Since 1997, Planetmind Internetworks has specialized in the hosting, design, and development of customized, interactive Web sites tailored to the needs of the ecologically- minded online community. Our servers are powered by 100% green, renewable solar po
  • Cheating and corruption widespread and widely accepted today. Mandeville’s theory, inspiration for Adam Smith, argued crime and corruption are good for the economy. Is a society ever under control? Ferguson’s theory: societies cannot be steered; but g
  • Waitable lets you make a smart wishlist. You add one or more products from that you’d like, but that you also want to save some cash on. Waitable continually watches their prices for you. When they drop by the amount you set, you’re notified vi
    (tags: shopping)
  • WishRadar manages your wishlist for you, even better than Amazon does. We monitor all the items on your wishlist, sort and filter them any way you like, and notify you whenever anything on your wishlist matches the price you want to pay at Amazon. You set
    (tags: shopping)
  • Based on the results of my Unobtrusive OpenID post, it is quite evident that there is a lot of partial knowledge about OpenID out there. While my knowledge on the subject is far from complete, this post is my attempt to share what I have learned with oth
  • WordPress is often maligned as a resource-hungry blog platform — one that requires a lot of resources to run in high-traffic settings. But believe it or not, it’s possible to survive traffic spikes, while still serving pages to your audience swiftly.
  • Catalist is transforming the way progressive organizations communicate and campaign by creating a comprehensive, well-maintained national database of all voting-age individuals in the United States, along with the tools and expertise needed to make this d
    (tags: politics data)

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