links for 2007-10-01

  • The light plot is a plan view of the stage showing where each lighting instrument is located. The instrument type (Ellipsoidal, Fresnel, Scoop, etc…) is represented by a symbol. Each light is identified by a unit number placed within the symbol. Dependi
    (tags: lighting)
  • The magic sheet typically consists of a single piece of paper (about 8.5″ x 14″) and usually divided into 15 squares (3 x 5). More squares (or paper) might be required for a very large show. Each square represents a visual group of fixtures. This allows,
    (tags: lighting)
  • The lines and symbols used to make technical drawings are largely “prescribed,” so that communication will be as clear and consistent as possible. Technical drawing for the theatre has fewer such rules and prescriptions than engineering or architectural d
    (tags: lighting)
    BY JEFFREY E. SALZBERG (jeff[at]
    WITH JUDY KUPFERMAN (kupfer[at]
    (tags: lighting)
  • Some other Sansa models (the “m” series) will play tracks in order by the the id3v2 track tag. The “e” series won’t. When the “e” series plays an Album, it plays the tracks in alphabetical order by track name or filename (they’re the same on mine, so I’m
    (tags: mp3)

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