Feed reader/aggregator recommendations?

Does anyone care to discuss which feed readers they are using? Is anyone using the OPML Editor‘s NewsRiver as their primary feed reader? Any recommendations on features that help plow through large numbers of articles?

I’m primarily looking for something to run on Windows or Linux, but Mac users may be interested in the discussion, too.

I’ve worked with Google Reader, Bloglines, and (my current favorite) NewsGator. I have shied away from offline readers because I don’t want to have to download and install something on several PCs and worry about keeping them in sync. I do like the looks of BlogBridge, though. Multi-platform is great, but I don’t relish the thought of firing up the JVM with all of the RAM it consumes.

As bad as Google Reader seems, the one feature I really like is the keyboard shortcuts. I hate having to use the mouse on all the AJAX sites.

One thing about NewsGator I don’t like–besides the lack of keyboard shortcuts–is the fact that there’s no easy way to subscribe to a feed. There should be an Add feed box right on the NewsGator Online page where you can paste in a URL to a feed and click “Add.”


8 thoughts on “Feed reader/aggregator recommendations?

  1. I tend to like FeedDemon immensely. I like the NewsGator/FeedDemon synchronization, and if I were to use a Mac I could use NetNewsWire as well. One of the problems, of course, exists on Linux–as long as you don’t mind using a browser, you are fine (more on Linux and RSS feeds in a moment). FeedDemon has an excellent interface, and I have to admit I like having a stand-alone application.

    On Linux, I have tended to like aKregator–which is now integrated into Kontact. It’s interface is the closest to FeedDemon/NewsGator. It still has some quirks, but I blame that on differences in my platform. That said, NewsGator runs just fine on Linux.

    One of the problems, though, with NewsGator is that when you make that change to synchronized feeds, all of your feeds are updated by NewsGator. This has tended to be a problem of late, as I am getting content from some sites that seems to be arriving much later than it should. I cannot hold NewsGator completely to blame, but I have a feeling their synchronization component might be playing a role.

    I have not used NewsRiver yet, as I have been really lax in playing around with the OPML Editor lately. I think I poked at it once, but I opted to move onto some more pressing matters. Admittedly, with everything that has been going on in the list, I need to dive back in.

  2. NewsRiver is very easy to use on a Mac. You enable full keyboard access, and just tab through the checkboxes, ticking off the ones you’re not interested. If I’ve got two hundred or so stories, it takes me about ten minutees to get through them all.

  3. Thank you, Jason, Tom, and Les.

    I’m trying to get used to newsRiver–and now decafbadNewsRiver. Not sure if I like being tied to one machine. I found NewsGator Online to be very convenient no matter where I am. I was thinking of trying out FeedDemon for that reason.

  4. Not sure if this can apply to you, but I’ve got my newsRiver set up on a computer at home. Since we have a cable modem that’s always connected, I opened a forwarded port on our router to the newsRiver web server. You can enable a username and password on it, thus keeping it pretty private. I can access my newsRiver at home on my PowerBook from work, home, wherever.

  5. FWIW – I now exclusively use only the NewsRiver reader after trying NewsGator for the past year. While I liked NewsGator, I had the same problem if managing my feeds. It took me about 2 weeks of staring at the NewsRiver Reader before I got used to it. Now, I can plow through many, many feeds in about 1/2 hour. I have 1000 feeds. Here is my general daily process:
    1. Read through all the feeds
    2. Uncheck all feeds of interest
    3. Hit the delete button to remove feeds not needed.
    4. Go through the interesting remaining items in more depth as time allows.
    4. Since there are post/edit icons on the right, I post any items to my blog.
    5. Check back in an hour, as the NewsRiver gets updated every hour.
    6. This way I keep up on the traffic

    Another really nice feature is the managing of the feeds which are managed in OPML. I would like to have a drag and drop functionality of adding feeds to my subscription list, via the web, somehow. Maybe some developer will put that in later.

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