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This morning, I found another WordPress blog via Scobleizer (via RSS, of course). Cutter sounds like an interesting dude. I wish him well in his quest to tackle the 40 peaks in the Southeast over 6000 feet. That’s the whole reason I was drawn to his site. I didn’t even know there were 40 such peaks. I figured Mt. Washington was the king among few peers. Even Katahdin is well below 6000 feet.

I really need to get off my sedentary butt and start climbing something. Blogging doesn’t help. As we’ll see in a bit…

Not sure how best to squeeze my comments in with his, but here goes. [I really don’t like the way Flock does this. But at least it gets you off to a (raw) start.]

cutter’s original blog post

I also haven’t done much to spread the word about this blog. And so far its traffic hasn’t rivalled Instapundit or Boing Boing.

This is on purpose. I’m interested in seeing the viral nature of blogging. I want to see how traffic builds and dialogue ensues through linking and connecting.

That’s what people people always talk about as a unique characteristic of blogging, so let’s see it if works.

I’m sure linking to Robert Scoble’s site helps a lot!

There’s another viral aspect of blogging I’ve noticed, though. That’s how blogging seems to consume the blogger. I’ve seen many who admit they’re hooked. Several months ago when I met Jeff Jarvis he even admitted to blogging in church.

Well, I haven’t taken to blogging in church (yet), but I do maintain our church’s RSS feed of recorded sermons. Blogging does tend to consume, though.

Here I am at 5:00, er, 6:00 in the morning with thoughts flying through my head faster than I can wrestle with Flock to get them on my blog. I was hoping that the Shelf feature of Flock would help, but it’s entirely ‘drag & drop’. There’s even a disclaimer at the bottom of the 13 ways page to that effect.

So I’ve taken to keeping potential blog topics in a text file. My brother said that the hard part of blogging is thinking of things to write about. I don’t have that problem. It’s more like having the time to develop those thoughts into something coherent–and to wrestle with the technology to get them posted on the blog. There’s also the whole thing about chasing rabbit trails all over the Internet while researching some topic or just doodling on the ‘net.

I think is a good choice for this experiment. Maybe the best reason is because it’s free. Still, I’ve worked with WordPress enough to know it’s a full-featured product that works well right out of the box.

I wish had more customization options, but I presumed those would eventually come. Robert Scoble has since confirmed that with his own custom version of

Yeah, I was looking for a way to get started blogging, too. It’s about time! WordPress seems like a great tool. I was thinking of hosting my own site, but that would entail building a new box, moving over my existing content, and tweaking WordPress, etc, etc. Then I found the free site and I was good to go.

In the meantime, the experiment continues. It will be interesting to see when the experiment ends and the obsession begins.

Good luck to you, Cutter! I’ll add you to my blogroll and RSS feeds.

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3 thoughts on “Cutter’s blog

  1. Damn, bro! Never seen you write so much in my life. I’d clarify my comment,”My brother said that the hard part of blogging is thinking of things to write about.” to “… thinking of things I feel comfortable to honestly write about in public.” The real problem is not being able to write about things that are related to work. (Maybe this will change in a few years.) I can think of plenty of things to write about but am often reluctant to do so.

    Maybe you catching the blogging bug will give me a kick to get started again. Heck, if we can get Matt on board, we’ll have to start a collaborative family venture.

    You doing this through Fock or just logging in via Firefox? Flock has some potential but it’s not quite ready for prime time.

  2. Thanks! You’re confirming my test of blogging’s viral nature.

    And BTW — I just completed my first ascent of a South Beyond 6000 peak. I’ll be posting a trip report soon.

  3. Response to Joe: I’m blogging with Flock. Just like the way gmail does a lousy job of formatting selected RSS items in Reader, I find I have to go back and monkey with fonts, line feeds, and such.

    Response to Cutter: Cool! Looking forward to hearing about your climbing adventures.

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